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HB 1549 / SB 7016

As a part of a larger piece of legislation, the "glitch" language as it relates to autonomous CNM practice in the state of Florida will now be removed! Restrictive language requiring CNMs with autonomous authorization to have written referrals and transfer agreements in out-of-hospital and community birth settings will no longer exist effective July 1, 2024!

HB 1549 / SB 7016

FCNM and friends advocated long and hard and have successfully contributed to the passing of HB 1549 / SB 7016!!

Our journey with this bill first started as we aimed to correct a "glitch" in former legislation which required CNMs who have autonomous authorization to have a written referral and transfer agreement in order to practice in out-of-hospital and community birth settings. FCNM has been actively working to have this language stricken from current law.

Now, autonomous CNMs in the state of Florida will be able to practice without this restrictive language! This new legislation has removed the requirement of a written referral and transfer agreement now requiring an emergency plan of care for transfers in all out-of-hospital or community births. This legislation will take effect on July 1, 2024.

Starting at line 4671 (page 187) of HB 1549, the language about autonomous practice for the APRN begins. At line 4721 (page 189), the language around the "glitch" is stricken.

There is some work to do in regard to this bill, however. Language for the "advanced birth center" exists in this bill which would allow out-of-hospital centers to offer epidurals, cesarean sections, and inductions of labor. FCNM, ACNM, ACOG, Florida Hospital Association, amongst others, are not in support of this as it leads to consumer confusion, bypasses safety rules/laws required for hospital accrediation/licensure, and more. FCNM will continue to monitor this closely and hope to join the collaborative efforts to review this legislation as this bill enters the rule making process. Stay tuned for updates on this piece of the bill as they come!

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